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Overview of Achievements since the start of the project 2006

The installation of eight (8) reference stations was completed on 12 July 2007. All stations are transmitting 1-s data to the Data Centres in Athens and Sofia

The Web Service has been initiated in Greece (www.gein.noa.gr/gps.html) and in Bulgaria (
The Bulgarian server accepts anonymous FTP since the end of August 2007.
The organisation of the 1st and 2nd International Workshop of HemusNET in Sofia (3-5 December 2007) and Kato Nevrokopi (20-21 November 2009).
The organisation of the GAMIT Training School, in Sofia (December 2007).
The installation of GAMIT software in both Athens (NOA; July 2010) and Sofia (BAS; December 2007).
The production of highly accurate results with repeatabilites between 1.1 and 4.4 mm/yr (horizontal) and 4.8 – 13.9 mm/yr (vertical).
The stable access to both FTP servers in Athens and Sofia for 30-s RINEX data access.
A strain map mainly for Bulgaria has been produced by Dr Ivan Georgiev.
The web hosting contract has been signed with networksolutions.com. The project web site was constructed during 2007 www.hemus-net.org

 »          Organisation of HemusNET International Workshops in Sofia, Bulgaria, 2007 and Kato Nevrokopi, Greece, 2009

 »          Start processing of the HemusNET data using GAMIT/GLOBK software packages

 »          Design and develop an attractive and functional web site www.hemus-net.org

 »          Develop a commercial service in Bulgaria for users of real-time data